Welcome to Harani Jewels!

About Harani Jewels:

The name of our brand is derived from the strength, beauty, and intelligence of two very special womenmy grandmothers. Harbans Kaur and Narinjan Anand, also affectionately known as Rani, each had a profound impact on me. One passed on a love for jewelry and the other taught me how culture shapes each of us. 

In honor of these wonderful women, we combined Har (for Harbans) and Rani (for Narinjan), creating Harani Jewels. 

Our mission is to build exquisitely curated collections inspired by culture, family, and tradition but designed with the modern woman in mind. By making high-quality, elegant pieces accessible without the luxury price tag, Harani Jewels is empowering women to show up with confidence and class.

About the Founder:

I’m Kamna, a jeweler, a gemologist and the founder and CEO of Harani Jewels. I’m a dreamer and lover of all things that can bring a little culture into our lives. This includes one of my favorite things, which has always brought me so much happiness—jewelry! 

When I look at a piece, I see much more than beautiful gems and shiny metals. More than a certain style or even the price tag. Each and every piece tells a beautiful story that can be passed down from generation to generation. 

What’s more, each piece in our collection is inspired by the rich South Asian culture and traditions that make us who we are. As a first-generation South Asian woman, I know the importance of staying connected to culture, family, and traditions. Through Harani Jewels, I’m able to curate stunning pieces that help the women of today do just that.

Welcome to the Family!!