Welcome to Harani Jewels!

    I’m Kamna, founder, owner, CEO, Co-Creative Director, driver, chef, mom, and wife (to the other Creative Director). I’m also a dreamer and lover of all things that can bring a little culture into our lives; and I’m passionate about jewelry - Jewelry makes me happy, it always has and my hope is that my jewelry can do the same for you. As a first-generation South Asian woman, I know how the connection to culture, family and traditions are so important.

    Our name originates from this trifecta; two very strong, beautiful and intelligent women are the namesakes for our brand. Harbans Kaur and Narinjan Anand (aka Rani) my grandmothers; embody the spirit of who this brand is. Har for Harbans and Rani for Narinjan; one who gave me the love of jewelry and the other who showed me how important your culture is to who you are.

    Our vision is to build exquisitely curated collections, that are inspired by culture, family and tradition. We strive to bring to you, luxurious jewelry that is high quality affordable and designed to fit with you in mind.

Welcome to the Family!!