Intro to South Asian weddings and such.

     I had a discussion with a friend many moons ago about South Asian weddings (specifically Indian as my parents are from India and to delve deeper Sikh weddings as I am a Sikh, and have experienced my own. :) ) and what all goes into planning and being apart of all the events of said weddings. The answers came to me like in the movies; a small image then fast forwarding frame after frame with that squealing screeching sound at the end where I come back to reality and say “Where do you want to start? We are totally EXTRA when it comes to weddings.”

*Plug in sound of crowd laughing*

     To each family it’s about culture, and traditions. It depends on where you are from(geographically speaking within South Asia), how involved you are or rather connected to your family and THEIR culture and traditions. Every aspect of a South Asian wedding would make this blog into a thesis-like paper for an imaginary PH.D in South Asian anthropological studies or something of the like. So, I was thinking to take it slow and steady and bring to you thoughts on JEWELRY. As it is my forte and my business!


     I want to write about the different types and styles of Jewelry that is found in South Asian culture as well as their significant or not so significant meanings to weddings and bride identity. I will leave the “EXTRA” for another time(*note to self….start working on the “EXTRA” now as this will end up being your thesis.)

So stay tuned dear readers!!! Welcome to The K Word!




I am NOT a writer, I write how I speak; which most of the time will NOT be grammatically correct! Please refrain from commenting on grammar, you will be speaking to deaf ears! UNLESS, it's totally out of the park wrong and in another universe. :) Sending love and good juju your way! 

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